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Need tree services or tree removal in Torrance? You’ve come to the right place.

Torrance Tree Service is the trusted Tree Service Company in Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles County for tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, and also 24/7 emergency tree service.

We value our tree service customers. Our focus on providing high-quality tree care at fair rates and our company values have been placing us ahead of the competition for years with our customers. They know they can count on us because we emphasize being the tree service you call not just this time but every time.

Our team includes tree climbers and licensed arborists. This gives us the ability to provide a full range of tree care solutions, including disease prevention, deep root injection, cabling and bracing, and more.

Throughout our time here in Los Angeles County, we have seen almost every tree care problem you can imagine. We have the training and equipment to handle even the biggest or most complicated tree service jobs.

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Our most requested services:

  • Tree service
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Tree removal service
  • Stump removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Cabling and bracing

Torrance Tree Service Co utilizes the latest tools, equipment, and methods making sure our work is carried out right the first time.

Our team is trained and supervised to follow all the latest safety procedures for both tree service and covid-19. The safety of our customers and our staff is paramount and one of our core values. Tree work can be very hazardous. Expect safety to be a deciding factor in how our work is planned and carried out.

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal takes careful planning and considerable teamwork. Our teams are highly trained and have specialists in each role. Whether it’s removing a single tree or clearing a designated area of trees, we have the equipment and workforce to handle any size job.

Tree Pruning Services

To avoid permanent or long-lasting damage to your trees, we always recommend using a tree service like ours that have licensed and certified arborists on board.

Each tree species has a yearly timetable of when to trim or prune it and when not to. It’s also important to use the correct technique and to know which branches to prune.

Tree Trimming Services

It’s important to keep your trees trimmed to avoid potential damage to your home or injury to people on or near your property. While Southern California benefits from nice weather, we are prone to high winds and heavy rain at certain times of the year. Both can wreak havoc on landscapes with falling trees, swaying branches, or broken tree limbs.

Over the years, we have received hundreds of calls where trees have caused damage or injury. Regrettably, the homeowners often share that they wish they’d have gotten around getting their trees trimmed back to avoid the mess they now find themselves in. Don’t be regretting it later…call us now.

Emergency Tree Services

We are readily available right here for emergency tree service 24-hour a day, 7 days a week. You never know when nature will strike and cause mayhem. We monitor our phone lines 24 hours a day and are ready to respond when you need us.

We know that when disaster happens, getting a tree hauled away or unblocking an access point is only the first step of many, and speed is of the essence.

Cabling and Bracing

In some cases, when a tree is leaning or growing in a direction that will be problematic down the line, rather than remove it, it can sometimes be solved with cabling or bracing it.

Removing a tree is usually the last resort unless you’re trying to clear the land for a project. It can be guided to grow in a healthier and safer direction in time.

Stump Removal Services

Do you have an old tree stump on your property or land that is either infected or in the way? Give us a call, and we can remove it for you.

Removing a stump requires the right training and tools and isn’t something you should try independently.

If a tree stump is diseased, it’s vital to remove it and prevent the spread and contamination to nearby trees. Ignoring this problem has led to many one-stump jobs becoming much bigger and more expensive in treating diseased trees or removing them completely.

We know that carrying out major tree work like trimming or removal can be highly disruptive for you and your neighbors.

With our experience, teamwork, and equipment, we can handle even bigger jobs with speed and precision. We work efficiently to minimize disruption and to complete the job as fast as safely possible.

The Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose Torrance Tree Service Co


Our Experience


Our teams have decades of experience under their belts. The work Tree climbers and tree cutters carry out is highly specialized and considered hazardous. Our leadership, training, and experience create the teamwork required to be one of the best companies at what we do.


Teamwork is essential, as is an understanding of roles and responsibilities. We pride ourselves on keeping our guys safe and enjoying working together as units to make light of even the biggest jobs.


We are Licensed and Insured


You do not want to hire anyone who isn’t qualified and insured. If something goes wrong, you could end up with a tree through your roof. While it’s tempting to cut corners to save a few dollars, it’s not worth the risk.


Tree service is regarded as one of the highest-risk occupations to be in. You’ll understand why if you watch a tree climber in action. They can be suspended hundreds of feet while using a chainsaw with only their safety harness for support.


Once a tree is felled, it has to be lowered carefully by crane and disposed of. The trees we remove can weigh anywhere from 2,000lbs to 20,000lbs. It’s essential to make sure your tree service company is licensed and insured.


Our Prices are Fair and Honest


We know that no one looks forward to having their trees trimmed each year and the expense that goes with it. As a company, we believe in quoting a fair price and being honest and transparent with our customers.


With the specialized equipment and the work’s hazardous nature, there are considerable expenses we have to cover to pay our team and maintain or replace equipment. We make it a point to fully answer any questions you may have regarding quotations and the work to be carried out.


You Want to Support Local Business


We have long been proud to support the local Torrance community and to contribute to not only it’s safety, but also it’s beautification. There is more of an emphasis than ever on supporting local businesses instead of national chains.


Our Expertise and Passion


There’s a unique culture around tree service and, in particular, tree felling and tree climbing. From tactics to who has the best notch, or favorite equipment, there’s a sense of camaraderie in the tree cutting community. To see our team spending time outside of work hours to improve their skills or enjoy the banter with other tree climbers brings us immense satisfaction.


It’s one of the reasons we love what we do and enjoy striving to be the best tree service company in Southern California.


Call us today for a free quote or evaluation. We are happy to help with any questions.


We are dedicated to addressing every one of your concerns, such as can a tree be nursed back to health, exactly how to deal with an unhealthy tree and return it to health, or the very best time to trim or cut trees.